Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quality Time

After about eight hours on the tractor yesterday clearing our road, I decided to make the most of the last hour of daylight. I put the equipment away, and took a couple Sam Adams Winter Lagers and my dog for a walk in the snow.

I think everybody feels this way about their dog, but I've never known - let alone had the privilege to own - a dog that is so easy to spend time around. She SO wants to come with me whenever I leave the house, just waiting for the nod in her direction or the lingering open door or gate to get the signal that she's going with. But then once we're out, she's equally content going for a walk, riding quietly in the car for hours or sitting in a deer stand in the snow sharing a beer after a long day.

I finally found some time to put a little video together of some of the blizzard footage. Enjoy!

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