Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just like Daddy!

For Christmas, Sandy bought Winnie her own personal couch because she wanted her to be comfortable. And by "wanted her to be comfortable," I mean, "wanted her off the people couch."

But it's really quite a nice gift and a cool dog couch! She got it here and already Winnie seems to like it!


Anonymous said...

that is a great couch for the girl.
does it really keep her off of yours?

the snow video is great!! i love the last shot of Miss Winnie looking so majestic.


Ed. said...

Does Winnie's couch keep her off the people couch?? Absolutely! As far as Sandy knows, Winnie no longer ever comes up on the people couch, even after Sandy and Gromit go to bed. Never, ever, ever. ;)