Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Snow!

The forecast said something about maybe a little snow I think, but I'll be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to the weather. Hard to get worked up about an inch and a half of snow so soon after the Storm Of The Century or whatever they're calling it.

But Winnie was still very excited to see the lawn covered again! At one point I was on the phone and forgot I had let her out. She was just sitting in the snow in the middle of the yard by herself, watching the door. So I joined her and we went for a long walk. On our way back I had to smile at the tracks we left.


Anonymous said...

Great photo...needs a frame, some great quote about man's best friend, and a spot over the fireplace! Happy New Year you and your family. Looking forward to many more pictures and Winnie stories in 2010, and hopefully meeting up again with all the wire owned friends sometime during the year to come.
Chris and Cassie
PS enjoy the snow!

Anonymous said...

that picture of foot prints says it all-what a couple of close friends you two are.


Ruby & Sophie said...

Love reading on how Winnie is progressing! Best wishes from snowy Scotland....... so bored with the snow now lol :-)