Thursday, December 24, 2009


I wish I could say this evening went as planned - a roaring fire in the snow, man and dog warmed by the fire, watching the stars of the winter sky while enjoying an adult beverage.

But I suck at making fire.

So once the diesel fuel and cardboard box I stuffed into the burn pile burned off, it fizzled pretty quickly. And as I sat on an overturned five gallon bucket that used to hold a few Winter Lagers, I noticed that Winnie - normally content to be wherever I am - was starting to give me the, "Hey, nice try, what do you say we head inside where it's warm? I smell meatloaf!" look.

So warm, indoor meatloaf it was. The fire will wait for another day. At least I got a cool photo out of the ordeal.


Anonymous said...

you and Jim need to get together on the fire thing.
I came home from work to find him sitting in front of the wood burner with the house full of smoke and flames singeing his eyebrows!!


Ed. said...

That sounds like a great idea! Better yet, maybe we'll let the girls start the fire and we'll just go on a beer run.