Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Emmett Update

Well it didn't take Emmett long to figure out the proper bird dog pose, did it?? Thanks to Jena for sending this great photo, it's gonna be fun to watch this little guy grow up!


hwvizsla said...

hey..what the ??? I dont have this photo yet! LOL
isnt he a cutie?

Ed. said...

Oh please. The Winnie Media Machine is extremely powerful and far-reaching. We have photographers and reporters all across the globe waiting for cute HWV stuff to happen. Take a look out your front window. That van across the street? That's Earl. He is cold. Please bring him some hot chocolate. And tell your dogs to do something cute soon or I'm going to have to let him go.

hwvizsla said...

ok..then call Earl and ask him to pull into the driveway towards the house and I guarantee he will see five, count 'em, FIVE HWV's standing on the couch in a line, barking out the front windows at him! what a photo that will be eh?