Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Social Butterfly

My neighbor has three labs - four this week as he's babysitting another - and we visited the other day. When we first moved in next to the labs, Winnie was not happy when they were around. They would all rush her and she'd freak out. Over time she learned to accept them without much, if any, anxiety.

So we're sitting on the porch having a beer and all the dogs are milling around really close to us. Then Winnie just decided she's had enough, and walked away. She just laid down in the grass about fifty feet away. Content, certainly, just not into the whole crowd thing. At one point she got up and looked in the direction of our house. I almost called Sandy to tell her to open the gate because one of us was coming home. But Winnie decided to stick it out.

She sure is one odd dog.

What an excellent bird dog.