Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it Snow!

What a nice snow we got today! Winnie just can't WAIT to get out in it. She absolutely loves the snow.

As much as she HATES the heat of summer, it's no surprise that she is comfortable and at home in the snow.

At one point she decided to just lay down in the snow and chew a toy like she was lying on the grass on a warm, sunny day.

I don't know how long this will last, but even if it melts tomorrow it's been a great early December treat!

I got a little video footage too, here is one clip that captures how happy she is when she's running around in the snow!


hwvizsla said...

Sure looks like shes enjoying herself. And since she love snow so much, its understandable how much she dislikes the heat, you're right about that!

Laila said...

Such a happy girl! It snowed here for a little bit, but turned to slush really quickly. Plus, Mother Nature hasn't let the ground dry in weeks, so it's really, super muddy.


Anonymous said...

we haven't had snow yet so we don't really know how Winnie's sister and brother like it-but I know Grandpa and Mom love it too. Miles does have a time with his feet geting too cold, kind of sensitive.
as usual-great pictures!!