Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stacking is Hard!

Before digital photography, how did anyone ever get a photo of a puppy stacked up showdog style? We took about forty pictures of Winnie and this mediocre shot is the best of the bunch. Certainly would have been a couple wasted rolls of film in the old days. Her back feet are pointing at my two next door neighbors and her tail is actually missing.

Anyway, trying to practice because, just for fun, we'll be entering a UKC puppy novice show in a few weeks. All of a sudden, a few weeks doesn't seem like nearly enough time! Maybe we'll luck out and there will be a Personality phase of the competition...

1 comment:

hwvizsla said...

aw...she's so cute she's a shoe in even if she walks backwards in the show ring. lol
you both will do just fine!