Friday, January 23, 2009

Six Months Old

Winnie turned six months old yesterday. Hard to believe it's only been four months since we drove through that awful hurricane to get her. She's so much a part of my life now it seems like she's been here forever.

Speaking of that rainy weekend, I was looking through pictures of that trip and I keep stopping on this one. It's one of my favorite photos of her because it's so easy to recall the emotions of the moment. Happy, the day was finally here and she was all mine. Nervous, did I know what I was doing and are we even going to be able to get home through this intense storm? Well four months later I still am not sure sometimes if I know what I'm doing, but it has become clear that if I don't, she does. And all the challenges that lie ahead will be fun to figure out together.

Winnie at six months old...


Jena said...

Such a nice post. Your adoration and commitment to Winnie are touching.

Ed. said...

Jena, what a wonderful comment. Thank you so much.