Friday, January 9, 2009

Chilly Friday...

The field near my house where I've taken Winnie now and then to run around and pretend to look for birds has been cleared a bit more since we were last there. But still plenty of room to explore and pretend.

I love this picture above, and I am glad to get a good one in her current hair-state. Tomorrow she's going to the groomer for a little touch up in preparation for a UKC show she's entered in. Puppy Novice is the class, and it's for dogs under 6 months old. I checked and they also allow clumsy new handlers who have never done conformation shows before. So anyway, things like the whispy hair around her ears will get stripped off, and that's puppy coat which probably won't grow back to the degree she has it now. I can't wait to see her, but I'm nervous too because I love the way she looks now. Tough thing for a girl to pull off: simultaneously beautiful and ridiculous.

I wish I could tell you she was 'on point' in this other photo. She's just sneaking in to investigate some deer poop or something. But I thought she looked great doing it.

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