Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buck Tries a Saddle

We found a nice saddle on eBay and bought it at a good price, and today we brought it over to test the fit on Buck. I'm new at the whole horse thing, so I might not be able to properly read equine body language. But from the look on his face, I think what Buck is trying to tell me here is that he very much enjoys the saddle, thinks he looks great in it, and he very much looks forward to the day when I put my clueless fat ass in it and start bossing him around!

But since it was only on him for a minute, he forgave me. Well, I should say that since it was only on him for a minute and I shoveled a few pounds of horse cookies into his face, he forgave me.

Honestly he seems like a really sweet horse. He definitely knows me now and comes over to me when he sees me. (I know it's the treats. But still...)

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