Sunday, January 18, 2009

First UKC Show!

As self-portrait-averse as I have been on this blog, I feel compelled to show this, Winnie's first official show photo, because I am so proud of her.

Having never been in that show environment before, I was worried she would be stressed and anxious. Turns out that was just me! Because she settled nicely in her crate and was relaxed most of the day. Even fell asleep a couple times. Then when it was our turn to hit the ring, she was focused and did everything I asked. This is the Puppy Novice class, so it's really just for fun and practice. But she did great and won plenty of ribbons for her first day showing!

She got SO much attention. Everyone commented she was a great mover and when we walked by people I heard lots of people commenting about how pretty she was and guessing what kind of dog she was. The judges paid her great compliments as well.

I was also impressed with how she paid NO attention to other dogs as we walked among them. If I was leading her somewhere, that's where her focus was. I don't know how she does these things I haven't taught her, but she is something special.

So she'll be six months old this week. Any subsequent shows we enter in now will be for real! But for now, it was fun watching her settle into yet another new type of activity comfortably.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Winnie, I am Crawford. Congratulations!!!! Also, yous are very pretty! I wishes I had hairs to keep me warms, too. Maybes in my next life? Haha! Byes!