Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Buck!

When this 9 year old Appaloosa first joined our horses who live across the street from us, I liked him right away. He wasn't holding up to the vigorous riding his owner needed him for, so he was spending some time across the street to get healthy.

Well because I am really smart, and between dogs and hunting and fly fishing and kayaking and target shooting I can't find enough things to throw money at, I told my wife that I kinda want that Appaloosa across the street.

And because she's really smart, and for some reason the symmetry of three dogs, three snakes, three lizards and three horses was too, well, symmetrical, she said Absolutely. We got him checked out at the vet today, didn't find anything that would prevent him from being able to do some trail rides and stand there while I feed him cookies and apples, and that was that.

Oh, did I mention I don't ride? I've taken three lessons so far, and it's been pretty fun. But I have a long way to go before Buck and I will be hittin' the trails. Hopefully by spring. But for now, it's cool to see my very own horse across the street.


hwvizsla said...

by the way...thats one handsome horse and I envy you for owning your own. I'm past that age to get my first horse...guess I'll have to settle for some goats. lol

Peg said...

Buck looks like a very mellow soul, you two should be quite the pair.

Ed. said...

Well I hope he continues to be a mellow soul when he's saddled with my fat ass! He might just decide it's a lot mellower with me on my back on the ground while he walks back to the hay wheel by himself...

Matt said...

Beautiful horse! I'm jealous! Makes me want to get another one! I had a Buckskin Quaterhorse for team penning. He was awesome! I hope you enjoy Buck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

Who would have guessed!! Sandy definitely rubbed off on you. You will be the envy of everyone in her whole barn. A husband who loves horses!

Talk soon. The horse looks perfect for you.

Pat Paris