Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Boxer

Our dogwalker, who comes every day to spend a little playtime while we're at work, has a boxer puppy just a bit older than Winnie. Winnie is 5 months, I think he's a month older. He is SO handsome! I love boxers, I always have. And this one is a real sweetheart.

She brought him over tonight to meet everyone. Well, everyone but Scooter, who is not accepting canine visitors because he is a cranky old bastard. But the boxer got along great with Winnie and Gromit! The picture above is misleading, he is almost exactly the same size as Winnie. He's stockier, but he's a hair taller.

The photo on the left shows in detail the Jack Russell new dog greeting method. A rare moment in nature seldom caught on film.

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