Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oktoberfest II

We braved a steady, cool rain to bring the dogs to our town's annual Oktoberfest celebration. As usual, there were many creative guesses as to what kind of dog Winnie was. Irish Wolfhound mix, Labrodoodle, Griffon, German Wirehair were the ones I remember. I overheard one person say, "is that a Hungarian Vizsla?" Even without the 'Wirehaired,' I turned around, ready to praise the first person with a guess including 'Hungarian' or 'Vizsla.' But it turns out the woman was actually talking about my neighbor's chocolate lab.

Flashback: Last year's Oktoberfest was Winnie's first public debut. Setting the early tone for our lives together, we both handled ourselves with class and grace.

Here's the whole crew: Winnie, Gromit at the bar, and Mac, a spectacular specimen of a Labrador. Mac is an accomplished dog in the field and at stud. Unlike our dogs, Mac's tough, and would never be caught sipping bottled water out of a hand-held cup.

Gromit bellying up to the bar.

OOPS!! Okay Mac, we won't tell.

This is a dog that is ready to go home and warm up on the couch. At this point we were all in agreement! But we'll be back next year!


hwvizsla said...

Looks like a fun day..even with rain. I'm sure Winnie (as all Wires) will take rain over hot sunny blazing heat ANYday. ;-)

Ed. said...

Oh you aren't kidding! Absolutely she'd prefer this to hot and sunny!