Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Support of Zoldmali Kennel

I have the utmost respect for our friend Zsofia of Zoldmali Kennel. Zsofia is one of the most successful Vizsla trainers in Hungary, and the dogs that come out of her breeding and training programs are among the very best Wirehaired Vizslas in the world. Her well-deserved reputation is far reaching - well beyond that of this humble blog - but I wanted to take this opportunity to inform the readers I do have of an ongoing dispute involving Zoldmali.

Please click here to read Zsofia's account of the dispute, involving a dog named Arany. I won't attempt to provide a brief and clear synopsis of the situation here, but wanted to declare my support of Zsofia. She wants what's best for the breed, and for every dog she breeds and trains. And she knows what's best for Arany.


Jindra and Karel said...

At the moment we have two dos from the Zoldmali kennel - Kalasz and Zala. Both dogs, Zala and Kalasz(or Trapp) were chosen by Zsofie herself and Trapp has reached the highest possible level in hunting trials in Czech this year by being a part of the Memorial Karla Podhajskeho.
We are in constatnt contact with Zsofie, always receiving help in any matter we need. We respect her greatly in all that she has achieved and done for wirehaired viszlas.

Ed. said...

Jindra and Karel, thank you for your comment! I visited your web site and while I had trouble navigating through it due to the language, you sure have a lot of great photos on your site!
Thanks again,

Zuner said...

I also have a Zoldmali dog, he's name is "James", hes son of Akac and Atala. (He's the first Zoldmali in Spain in fact) I completly agree with Jindra and Karel. I have always had a wonderfull treatment by Zsofie and recievied help every time I have asked for it. I have known her personally and respect greatly all the acomplishments she has managed during this years.