Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet Fish and Chips!

Meet our new barn cats, Fish and Chips. I know what you're thinking: "Ed, are you crazy? I know you have dogs and horses and snakes and lizards and, for some reason, tarantulas, but these things look like vicious wild animals, unfit for human contact of any kind!" Excellent observation. These two badass rodent bountyhunters are as mean as they look, and they will have one job: to patrol the property hunting for mice, rats, groundhogs, coyotes, any prey foolish enough to cross them. Can they be tamed? Maybe. I just don't know. Is it just too dangerous to have two? Could they join forces and overpower us? Probably, but the mice must die. So we learn to live in fear.


Anonymous said...

So glad Winnie is back to her wonderful self-she'll need all her strength and cunning to stay clear of those two killer cats!!!


Ed. said...

She's not particularly curious about them when she sees them. But Gromit, on the other hand, well he's just beside himself!

Anonymous said...

Cassie's favorite passtime is cat stalking...and our's is a house cat. I can only imagine what she would do if she, and the cat, could run around the yard, and a barn!!!! Cute picture BTW...but then again, I don't think you post a picture I don't like!!!! You must be a great photographer...or have a really good camera!!