Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Center of Attention!

Sandy and I took Winnie and Gromit to the Scottish Games and Festival today, and it was a very dog-friendly event. Gotta have junk food at a festival, of course, here we all share some potato pancakes.

Winnie's been in quite a few crowds before, and it's not unusual for her to get a fair amount of attention, but she got comments all day long! What kind of dog is she? What a sweet face! What beautiful eyes! And for everyone who stopped to meet and talk about her, there were more who I overheard talking about her.

I love the Scottish games - feats of strength in games with a lot of history behind them.

Also traditional is a pint of Harp or two!

Love this picture of Gromit, who got his fair share of attention too. They of course are EXHAUSTED tonight!

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