Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Training Strategy and Goals

Winnie is healed up from her surgery and feeling good about cooler weather. There is a lot I want to accomplish this year on the training front, and it's all rather overwhelming. So I decided to just step back and really break things down into manageable pieces. So as I think about my short term training goals (let’s say now through November, roughly), I'll be focusing primarily on just three things. In the coming weeks I will post specifically about each one of these, but here is my autumn training strategy outline:

Gun sensitivity training (without birds) 
Practice/fun with birds (without gun) 
Continue whistle work, particularly recall

If I am successful with the gun exposure, and she continues to respond to the whistle recall, we will be WELL on our way to trying things out in a real field environment!

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Anonymous said...

There you are again...ALL ORGANIZED!!!!! I'm just going to follow your plan!!! I hope you have great fall weather to train in, and that you and Winne have lots of fun and quality time together!