Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sad Sack

Gromit is a baby. A big baby. So when he tore his nail badly the other day we were hoping we didn't have to take him in to get it cut off - something that happened to our Scooter a while back and who never forgot or forgave the vet from that day forward.

But he was literally walking around on three legs. It wasn't healing on its own so we brought him in today. He can pout, visibly, so when Sandy called me from the car on the way home and said, "get the camera, he's pathetic," I assumed he'd be bandaged, lower lip sticking out.

What a pleasant surprise, though, to see him walk in the door wearing Megaphone Head! The other dogs have not teased him about it, not to his face anyway, but I think if you're wearing a lampshade, you have to expect to get picked on a bit.

It also looks like they tested his dexterity after removing the nail by giving him scissors and making him cut out his own bandage decoration.

He's okay though, and will be back to his old baby self in no time. Meanwhile, he will be spoiled even more than usual for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed. Mike said something about getting Winnie, Gromit, Wille and Herc together sometime soon. I would be willing to do it at my place. Just let me know when.


Ed. said...

That would be cool! Maybe over the holidays. Gromit and Herc would make an interesting pair...

Anonymous said...

Yes they would!!! Sounds good lets try to plan something. I am pretty flexible so you and Mike can work it out.