Friday, November 21, 2008

Bitz and Winnie

Winnie's littermate, Bitz (top photo), was always the smallest pup and the one with the most coat. Winnie (bottom photo) had almost as much coat but was bigger. But I couldn't believe the resemblance when Peg sent me this photo. It was originally facing the other way so Bitz' picture is a mirror image of her.

It'd be hard to say without seeing them together (which will hopefully happen this coming spring), but I think Winnie has caught up to and passed Bitz in the coat department!

Peg at Seraphim Kennels has made a cool page that makes it easy to catch up with the whole litter as they grow and have fun with their new families. Go to the web site and click on Class of '08. Thanks Peg!

1 comment:

Peg said...

I think Bitz has done quite a bit of catch up, and beat up brother.

I can't wait to get the girls and Chris back together and see how they look, hopefully we can get some other litter mates to come to the specialty.