Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chukar day...

My local bird place was out of quail so I got a couple chukar to work with Winnie today.

I can confidently say that her excitement level has increased each time I've had her around birds. In the past if she came across the scent she would follow it to the bird, as if she was going along with her instincts but didn't quite know why, but today I really got the sense that she really wanted to find a bird. She ranged out a bit further and really seemed to have a blast. I'm getting used to letting her do that, and she's getting used to the check cord. That thing is great, by the way, she'd circle around the same tight spot and wrap the cord around some brush and it always comes loose. Cool.

Sandy took some video too, I need to edit that down but should have something posted soon.

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