Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kifli and Krumpli!

We finally got to meet Kifli and Krumpli in person today! Winnie wasn't with us, so we still have to set up a 'play date' for all the dogs, but Laura and Arun were nice enough to meet Sandy and I in Leesburg at the dog school where their dogs were spending the day.

For littermates they sure are different! But both are really cool. Krumpli doesn't have any beard yet but they're still pretty young, almost six months. Kifli seems to be more mellow, and looks more like Winnie, especially in the face. It was weird to see a much bigger Winnie-type dog, very tall with adult teeth and everything. From the looks of Kifli, Winnie is due for a BIG growth spurt in the next two months!!

It'll be fun to get Winnie and Kifli and Krumpli all together for a photo soon. And I'm going to try to convince Laura and Arun to bring their boys up to Michigan in the spring!


Nina said...

Ed, What an adorable pair

Peg said...

sure hope they come to Michigan, it would be great to meet some more HWV fans and meet the "boys" too!!