Monday, January 11, 2010

A Very Special HWV in the Czech Republic

I love this story (and the great photos!) of a truly magnificent Wirehaired Vizsla from the Czech Republic. Thanks to Zsofia at Zöldmáli Kennel for this write up and for producing some of the finest Wirehaired Vizslas in the world.

Zöldmáli Kalász and his owner, Karel Kolar, are doing a great job building the reputation of the Wirehaired Vizslas in the Czech Republic! Kalász was not only awarded Vizsla of the year in 2008 in show and work, but went on to become the first Czech HWV participating in the MKP (Memorial Karl Podhajsky).

MKP is the annual main international all-around competition in the Czech Republic, and is considered the biggest and most prestigous competition in Europe. A dog can only particpate once in a lifetime in this competition, and only 10 foreign and 10 Czech dogs can participate. Nomination, particularly for the Czech entries, is extremely difficult and most Czech dog trainers aspire for a lifetime to have their dogs nominated. Kalász was the only HWV there and possibly the only ever HWV from the Czech Republic in the competition.

Despite very bad luck in the second day's last task, the forest track of a fox - Kalász made a mistake coming out of the forest with the fox a bit further from the owner Karel where the crowd was standing, and Karel had to give two oral commands to help the dog find him - Kalász still finished in 6th place.

Only 9 dogs finished the competitions, the others failed and Kalász was the highest placed non-GSP (the first 5 places were won by GSPs, and the 8th by a pointer). Two Smooth Haired vizslas participated as well, but both failed. In the Czech Republic, GSPs are still the most popular pointing dogs, so about 70-80% of the participants on such competitions are GSPs.

Congratulations to Karel Kolar and Kalász for such a great accomplishment!


Ed. said...

I just got a very nice note from Karel and Jindra, the proud owners of Kalasz and let me know that he goes by 'Trapp.' Thanks and, again, congratulations!!

hwvizsla said...

What a handsome dog! And congrats to owners of Trapp on such a great accomplishment! Best of luck to you!