Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Weekend Snow

We're getting a really beautiful snow here today, even though it was predicted to go farther south.

I'm sure the regular readers of this blog (thank you, by the way!) are tired of snow pictures, but I had to snap a few more today.

Truthfully, I figured I'd be tired of snow by now myself, but once it starts falling, both Winnie and I are glad to see it.

She will play in it till she's shivering and her coat is crusted with ice, and I still have to make her come inside!

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Anonymous said...

Fixin to get a huge storm here... last i heard they were calling for 20-28 inches... NOT fun when you live in the city and people don't shovel their sidewalks.. and you have 2 vizslas to exercise, one being an 8 month puppy.. shall be interesting