Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flood Photos

I got some pictures of the high water this evening, and tried to find some 'before' pictures for comparison...

These two match up nicely.

Here's a view of our house from across the river. In the bottom left of this picture you can see the shelter.

Here is a closeup of those luxurious accommodations at the riverbank.

And here is that shelter today! (I know I should have brought the kayak up, but I had no idea it would get this high!)

Another view of the shelter from farther away. Those stairs in the lower right, there are I think four steps underwater.

I put this in there because this is about as low as the river ever gets. You can see the bottom of the shelter on the left part of the photo. The river today is about eighteen feet higher than it is in this picture!


Peg said...

your poor shed (the kayak!!!!)

is it starting to recede??

the thing about river flooding-it takes so long to crest and then recede, so the effects seem to last longer.

hope it's back to normal soon.


Ed. said...

It crested around midnight and is on its way down. It'll take a while, and surely leave a muddy mess behind. But as long as nobody gets hurt and nothing of value is lost, it's always fascinating to see the power of nature first hand.