Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great idea from Regal Dog Food!

We've been feeding both Winnie and Gromit the same Regal dog food for several months and are very happy with it. The price is a lot lower than we're used to (we switched from Eagle Pack when that became difficult to find around here), plus the store I get it from has a card where you buy 12 bags and your 13th is free.

Anyway today I got a bag and was given this complimentary Travel Bite bar. I had never seen them before but I think it's just an awesome idea! It is a pack of two bars that are made from the same formula as the dog food. Each bar is equivalent to a cup of dry food. The guy next to me in line gets a different Regal formula and the bars are color coded the same as the bags.

But for an overnight trip or short road trip, I just love the concept! I'll be picking up some more just to have on hand.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good food item to use for clicker training! If you can cut it in little bits. Winnie will have her supper and a training session at once! I use the natural balance logs (especially the duck and sweet potato) for training treats for is the only thing she doesn't regurgitate while at training classes. I cut slices off of it and then cut these into little squares.