Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I don't really have anything today, but we were enjoying the extended daylight hours in the yard this evening just chasing toys and doing a little obedience work, and I liked how the light was hitting her so I grabbed the camera.

Is it just me or is her facial hair just out of control?!?

One other note I may have mentioned before, but that training tab, the nylon rope clipped to her collar, is worth talking about. I've never used one on a dog before but it's been a permanent fixture for Winnie. Long enough for me to grab, yet too short for her to chew, it's an incredibly useful 'handle' to just gain control around the house when I need her to move or stay or follow any given command without having to grab her collar or find a leash. If you've never tried one, even if you think you don't need it, give it a shot. I bet you'll find it as useful as I do!


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture. I think her facial hair is cute not at all out of control :)

Ed. said...

Thanks Anna. I love it too, of course. It's funny, she has qualities that make her beautiful and at the same time, utterly comical. What a great combination!

Adam said...

I agree with Anna, WInnie's facial hair is lovely. We wish Phoenix had a bit more but she's a few weeks behind Winnie so we'llhave to wait and see! The light in the photo is amazing (as of course is the subject!) :-)

Ed. said...

Thanks Adam, I think it's lovely too, I just like to tease her about it.

I was just looking at your pics, and Phoenix has a really beautiful coat! I think there's a lot of variation in when the different aspects of the coats come in. It could be that beard is just slow to come in. I think someone told me their coats are changing as late as two years. Who KNOWS what Winnie will look like at age 2!!