Monday, March 9, 2009


Winnie received a gift today. A gift from two dear friends of mine. The friends in question (come to think of it, they indeed *are* in question right about now) are bird hunters, outdoorsmen and fishermen. And they are bird dog people.

Well they were so proud of little Winnie's success in the show ring, that they sent us this lovely gift. A pink 'Princess' basket containing a glittery pink collar and a series of matching pink grapefruit grooming products: shampoo, a leave-in detangler and a freshen-up spritz. That's right, a pink grapefruit freshen-up spritz for dogs.

The motivation behind this not-so-subtle hint that Winnie get up to speed on the more manly pursuits - pointing birds, water retrieving, sleeping outside - is most likely jealousy. I think my buddies are afraid that, should we all be together on a hunting trip some day, Winnie will talk to their dogs. That she will tell them how she gets to hunt and swim and play, but also gets to get groomed nice and pretty and shown off to an appreciative audience. That she gets treats and ribbons and praise and to be called a Champion.

So, tease all you want. But when she points a bird for you, please admire her physique and coat. And as you pull the trigger and drop the bird, and she runs past you to retrieve your quarry, I hope you notice - mixed in with the smell of fresh gunpowder - just a hint of pink grapefruit.


hwvizsla said...

Aww..such a lovely Princess gift for the Princess Wire girl. You'll show them those guys how to find, point and retrieve. They wont believe their eyes!

Anonymous said...

lol. So funny.

I think Winnie has a great life

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted that our little gift has found so much favor in the Felker
household. I must say the "princess" looks just...well, so precious.

Our next gift is going to be the old 55 gal drum I'm cleaning out - a short
length of chain. A stake in the ground, and a piece of plywood nailed on top
of the drum for her to lie on. All a bird dog needs.


FlyFishtheRose said...

We will of course paint it pink with a can of spray paint.

Ed. said...

Make sure that pink spray paint is a rust inhibitor. The air conditioning unit I plan on installing is pretty heavy duty for an area that size and is surely going to produce moderate to heavy condensation.

Also, can you give me the dimensions of the piece of plywood? I'm getting estimates from upholsterers and they need to know.

Jena said...

So Funny!! How nice to have such a wonderful dog AND great friends!

peg said...

you'll need to make the chain longer so that Winnie will be able to reach her hot tub and swimming pool by the deck I am sure Ed will be building.