Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Microchip and Other News

It wasn't long after we got back from getting Winnie microchipped this morning that she started showing unmistakable signs of keener vision and other bionic qualities. For instance, here she is noticing a large lizard that she has walked by 31,410 times in her life and had apparently never noticed before today.

The implant came with a tag for her collar that contains her unique I.D. number and draws attention to the fact that she does have a microchip. And when added to her name tag, rabies tag and county license tag, the sound she now makes walking around the house is like that of a janitor roaming the halls jingling his keys.

Winnie weighed in at 52.8 pounds at the vet! I figured she was over the 50 mark but it was still surprising to hear it. My German Shorthair topped out at 48.5 pounds. At 8 months old I don't know how much taller Winnie will get, she's pretty leggy now. But I wouldn't be surprised to see her fill out to about 60 pounds, which is what her Mother Carly weighs if I'm not mistaken.

And finally, yesterday we received a very special package from the UKC. Winnie's Champion certificate arrived! We're moving in less than two weeks, but I still want to hang this up somewhere even if it's just for a few days! I'm so proud of Winnie and how great she has done in the show ring.

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Anonymous said...

Those microchips certainly have special qualities.

That frame is definitely worth hanging up even if it is only temporary for now.