Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Road Work Confusion

In preparation for our new house and property, we purchased this used ATV. It'll be great for hauling kayaks and gear and people and beer up and down the steep path to the river. But I've also heard that people use ATVs to do road work conditioning with their dogs.

We've done a little bit here at our current house as you can see in the picture, but honestly I just don't see the big deal. I mean, how much exercise can it be??

Seriously, what's funny about this is, she doesn't seem to like it at all unless she's on it! At my friend's farm she did a little running alongside us as we drove in a Gator, but at that time she was following Douglas' dog Enzo. Plus she was at an entirely new place and the prospect of staying behind in the dark was probably scarier than running alongside a loud machine.

But here, with this ATV, she steers clear of it until I stop. Then she very much wants to climb up on it. I was surprised when I found I could drive off with her aboard and she didn't try to jump off. Curious.

Anyway, I think it'll be so much fun for her down by the river at the new place that she'll follow me in the ATV no problem. But, if not, we can always go back to sharing the seat!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. She is such a character