Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's in a Name?

The first puppy out of this litter that I had my eye on was the female wearing the yellow ribbon. (Peg called her Sunshine.) She was the first individual dog I saw when they went from being a litter to nine individual pups. As I watched them get bigger, and Peg kept me updated with pictures and video, I tried not to get too attached because there was still much to be decided. After all, I was fourth in line for a female and there were six females in the litter. Those who picked before me were looking for dogs to show and breed, I wanted a sweet dog who might be able to hunt a little, and a dog who could hold her own in a household that includes two Jack Russells.

So as they developed and the dogs started getting matched up with those who would be their new families, I told Peg that while I'd be happy with any of them, I found myself leaning toward Sunshine. Then the first two females were picked and there was just one more pick before me. I told Peg that if that person chose Sunshine, the yellow ribbon dog, not to feel bad. I liked them all and, besides, it wasn't like I had already painted the baby's room yellow or anything!

She wrote back what inspired Winnie's official kennel name. Peg said, "Go ahead and paint the room yellow. Sunshine is yours no matter what."

So with appreciation for Seraphim Kennels and all that Peg has done these past few months, Winnie's official UKC name will be Seraphim's Paint the Room Yellow.

We leave tomorrow morning on our 1,600-mile round trip to bring Winnie back to Virginia. Stay tuned for pictures, video, and stories about the trip!

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