Monday, September 8, 2008

She's Almost Here!

As Winnie's arrival approaches, I have already bombarded the email inboxes of all my friends with countless images provided by her breeder, Peg. So I decided to start this blog, a place where I can post recent pictures of Winnie, as well as share my training experiences, challenges and adventures.


hwvizsla said...

Excellent beginning to what I am sure will be one of my favorite places to visit. All those Winnie pics in one place....what more could someone ask for?;-)
Am looking forward to reading all the adventures you and her will be sharing!

Peg said...

Winnie will be the happiest dog ever, thanks for being her best friends.

Ed. said...

Thank you both! Time is dragging. No, actually, it has stopped completely! Just a few more days and then the fun begins and I'll be too busy to pester you all day: "What's she doing now?" "Is she still cute?" "Do you think she knows her name?" "Tell her I said 'Hi!'"