Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today was our small town's Oktoberfest. I thought it was a great opportunity to do some puppy socializing! So we headed into town and right away ran into a friend with her awesome gentle giant, Gus. Winnie reacted not at all to the St. Bernard, and it was all I could do to keep from sending "oh my God" vibes down the leash! But Gus wouldn't hurt a fly and Winnie liked him and was totally comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable, we encountered crowds, kids on bikes, scooters and strollers. We encountered balloons popping very nearby. We encountered live music. And Winnie, as is her way, took absolutely everything in stride. She wasn't skiddish or fearful or anything. She stood still through so many tellings of the 'It's a Wirehaired Vizsla' thing that by the end of the day she could have said it herself. Hell, she even sat through polka. That should count as points toward some sort of title, shouldn't it?

But it was an active day so she got tired and found a comfortable spot on a chair while Mommy and Daddy had an adult beverage or three.

Well [Scene Missing] next thing you know, and it seems to happen at every Oktoberfest, Daddy's playing air guitar on Gromit.

He doesn't enjoy air guitar as much as I do, but he accepted my apology for using him as a prop to get a laugh.

Meanwhile, Winnie had one too many and had turned into a puddle.

Then she remembered she was from Illinois and threw a few more back.

It was just a great day. She was hugely popular and got dozens and dozens of compliments. I was one proud Daddy!


hwvizsla said...

Holy cow...shes amazing...and GROWING so fast!!! Enjoy those baby puppy days..they wont last.

Anonymous said...

you are way too funny!
what a great day and so proud Winnie stepped up to her Illinois heritag.


Delilah and Rocket said...

Winnie! You party girl. So cool of your parents to take you place. Our parents take us wherever they can and we are usually the center of attention .... buy hey we're vizsla's aren't we always attention getters?

jb said...

she is beautiful! jody brackman