Monday, September 15, 2008

Home at last

After months of planning and waiting, and days of horrendous traveling, we finally got Winnie back home. Here she is in her new back yard!

The thing I was most nervous about was the introductions to Gromit and Scooter. Well, not so much Gromit. He's a year and a half and I figured they would love eachother. They seem to do just that. Winnie let him know at some point she had had enough playing and he respected that, so the dogspeak thing is playing out more or less the way it's supposed to.

Scooter, who turned 13 this weekend, is a little less enthusiastic about his new roommate. He has had a couple of discussions with Winnie already, but nothing serious. I think that will all work out fine, as she learns from him what he won't tolerate, and he learns from her that she will back off with a growl. Hey, we're only in Day One, and I have to say as first days go, it's gone really well. I will monitor the two of them very closely until she gets a little older and bigger, and just see how they get used to eachother and interact.

But I sure am glad to have her home. I have this week off, and have a few adventures planned, so stay tuned for more pictures!

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hwvizsla said...

Oh Ed...she is a stunning little pup! You sure did pick a good one!