Monday, October 19, 2009

What Whistle??

v. ri-gres; to revert to an earlier or less advanced state or form.

Six days from now we're supposed to hunt on a preserve. A few chukar, and if all goes well, maybe a couple pheasant. In an effort to not overthink the hunting aspect (I know, I know. Too late.), I thought I'd spend some time this week on control. Primarily recall, but with some directional stuff too.

But this evening, Winnie decided to throw a wrench in the plan by completely ignoring abut two out of every three recalls. Whistle, voice, both, she just ignored me.

When we go for walks we're sometimes simulating hunt situations. Well it is in these open field hunt situations where the recall is breaking down. I feel like I need to be a little careful here, because I DO want her to range out far enough to find birds. So while I was frustrated today, I tried to refrain from repeatedly testing the recall in the field while she was 'hunting' just to see if it'd work. She picks up on things very, very quickly, and I'd hate for her to make the connection that when she's in the field, I'm going to call her to me whenever she ranges out 30 yards or so.

Not sure if any of that made sense.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to use the long check cord and go back to some basics. And if I don't trust her completely, I have no problem hunting her with the check cord at the preserve. Might slow her down a bit but I'll be glad to have that 'handle' if the recall isn't where I want it to be.


Anonymous said...

I know it seems like a big step backwards-but right now she is probably getting into her second dominance level-a stage that they can go through. now is when you have to stick to your training-and by the way you are doing the right thing by going back to basics.
She is going through puberty, teen age experimental stage.
Patience, practice, patience and all will work out just fine.

Ed. said...

Thanks Peg. And it's not all bad, of course. She got back to the house ahead of me and I gave her a long-distance 'whoa,' which she held. Impressive considering when I got up to her I could see her watching 2 or 3 deer running into the woods about 15 yards ahead of her. After ignoring my recalls, the last thing I'd expect would be for her to maintain a whoa in the presence of running deer!