Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taking the Girls Hunting

When it comes to this whole dog thing, I'm not sure if my wife thinks I'm crazy. But I know she thinks I'm obsessed. I know this because she hints at it with statements like, "You are obsessed."

So when Sandy agreed to come with me this coming Sunday to a preserve to hunt a few birds, I was thrilled. (She doesn't want to shoot this time, just watch and take pictures.) Certainly it's always nice to spend weekend time together, but I'm especially thrilled that she'll finally get to see Winnie work. She reads the blog, and of course lives with Winnie day in and day out. But the only benefits of all that training we've been doing that she really sees around the house are what I would consider general good manners. Beyond that, the level of interaction between us when it comes to the training has consisted of conversations like "are you done out there with the whistle? It's driving Gromit crazy," and "Do you know anything about this $89 charge for Ugly Dog Hunting Supplies?" and "Are you done out there with the blank pistol? It's driving Gromit crazy."

But, back to the preserve hunt. In my typical overthinking fashion, I have pestered the woman at the preserve going back and forth about what birds to get. She was worried that the cover was too thick for chukar to fly out of easily, but Winnie is used to chukar. And besides, she should hold the point long enough for me to get a foot under that chukar to assist in its final flight if need be. Bottom line is, I want to set Winnie up with the best opportunity for success, but also want it to be a meaningful training opportunity. So the final decision was to start with three chukar, and then toward the back of the field, if all goes well, there will be two pheasant - one each hen and cockbird.

I thought I would share the ensuing conversation with Sandy regarding these birds and the day surrounding them...

Me: So I went with three chukar, then two pheasant toward the back. One each, a boy and a girl.

Sandy: A boy and a girl? I don't like the sound of that. Too personal. 'Male and female' sounds better.

Okay. I think once you get out there you'll really be fine with it all. By the time you even see a bird, it will either be flying happily to freedom or will be shot.

You better be a good shot.

I will try.

I guess if you don't kill it, the guide will finish it off.

What guide?

I thought we were getting a guide.

For what?

I don't know.

For working the dog?

I guess.

It's MY dog!


What is worrying you?

Do you know what you're doing?

Of course not. Is that what you're worried about??

I thought we were getting a guide.

What are you afraid of?

I don't know, there's just gonna be guns and shooting and stuff.

Yeah that's common with hunting.

I'm not sure you know what you're doing.

It'll be fine.

Okay. You're right.

You'll have fun.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?


Peg said...

I LOVE it!!
Hey Sandy-I know just were you are coming from.


The Mad Fishicist said...

HA! Great post. This is the exact reason my wife is happy to forget about me the minute I'm out the door.

Anonymous said...'ll be so intent on watching Winnie work (and taking pictures of her) won't even pay attention to what Ed is's all about the dog!!! Have fun!! The best part about hunting birds is watching the dog!!

hwvizsla said...

Hey Sandy, doesnt even matter if Ed knows what he's doing...cause Winnie does.
Have fun!

Jim Harris said...

That whole conversation is too funny. BTW, my wife is very eager to forget about me and thew dogs once we leave for an outing. It's her time for some peace and quiet. :-)