Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Training with Beers (Part 2)

Sorry about the crappy video. I couldn't tell where it was pointing, and I guess I had it set up for her to pick the can up off the ground as in Part 1, but most of the time she was taking it out of my hand. Also, the scenic backdrop here is the garage. Because not everyone in the house thinks this is a really excellent way to spend time when some others would rather be going to sleep.

Okay, so here we needed to raise the criteria for her to get the click/reward. At first she picked up right where she left off - assumed pushing her nose onto the can would get the reward. Just as planned, she grew frustrated by the lack of treats and tried other behaviors like batting the can around the garage and trying to skip the behavior and sneak the treats herself.

Turns out her biggest aversion was, I think, was picking up the can with her mouth. So I put a huggie, or whatever you want to call them, on the can and she picked it up right away. Once she did that a few times, I removed it and she picked the can up!

So, two days in, I know we have a long way to go but I think she's doing great!


hwvizsla said...

Excellent progress Ed! I would think the metal can would not be something they enjoy picking up, so the "sleeve" on it does make that easier. But in time, she will get used to the feel of the metal.
Very nice progress for only a few sessions with her. She will really progress fast now!

Ed. said...

Thanks. I wasn't sure if the sleeve would be 'cheating,' but what the hell, right? If it works it works. And once she got excited about picking up the sleeved can, she hardly noticed the transition to the unsleeved can.

We both had a lot of fun with this 2nd session, her enthusiasm matched mine as she started to get what I was wanting of her.

Peg said...

'cheating-smeating' what ever works!! great job-looks like you are obth having fun at this and she will be a big hit at the party.