Monday, August 17, 2009

What a cool, cool thing...

This is Thomas, my new friend. He's a ten year old draft cross with lots of trail experience and he's exactly what we needed. We've had him for a few weeks and I've been out on him several times. Up hills, down hills, through creeks, over bridges, he does it all. Even makes me look like I know what I'm doing!

But today we did something very special. We rode from our house to a series of trails nearby that lead down to the river! The trails were challenging, with some steep grades and rocky creek crossings. We even had to jump over a huge log! Predictably, my first jump ever was far from graceful. But it was successful. Sandy, riding behind me at the time, said she thought it looked like there was "a lot of movement" from Thomas as he 'hopped' over the log. Really? My, what a good eye you have of all things equine! Do you think that's why birds scattered from nearby trees at the commotion?

Fast forward to the river: Right about here is where Sandy decides to tell me that I should absolutely, positively, not let him roll in the water. Um, I'm sorry. What?? A horse, wearing a saddle, with me in it, knee deep in water, will ROLL?!?

"If he seems like he's about to roll," my instructions began, "kick him hard and get him moving out of the water." Uh, okay. One, I'm new at this. As far as I know, my horse is ALWAYS about to roll. And two, the whole reason I love this horse is he's almost impossible to get moving, kicked or otherwise. The good news is he didn't roll. The bad news is I now have a new addition to my Horrible Ways I Really Hope I Don't Die list.

This is pretty cute. Elmo started playing in the water, dragging his nose through it and then just splashing it with his foot over and over, like a dog pawing a tennis ball in his water dish.

Well this looked like so much fun to Thomas that he had to get in on the action! For a while they were both doing it right next to eachother. Just ridiculous.

This was absolutely one of the coolest things I've ever had the opportunity to do.

Can't wait to go back!!

Thanks Thomas for taking such good care of me (and for not rolling)!


Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun!!!

nell said...

He's beautiful! Looks a wonderful, much cooler way to spend the day!

hwvizsla said...

absolutely looks like the most fun ever. I so wish I could be doing that too!!!! You and Thomas are MADE for each doubt about it.

Matt said...

What great pictures! You are making me miss VA...wait, I just miss the good 'ol USA!!
Sending you an email for further chatting and catching up.