Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dog and Pony Show

Well it was a horse show and we brought the dogs, so close enough.

Sandy competed in a show nearby this weekend after quite a long layoff. This particular show was broken up into two days, and Sunday was just the cross country portion - the most fun (and nervous) to watch. It made for a relatively short day so we brought the dogs to help cheer her on!

My camera has a neat feature that unfortunately doesn't work very well. You hold the shutter down and it takes a rapid series of photos so for something like a horse jump, you have a much better chance of capturing the right moment - something otherwise very difficult with digital cameras because of the delay. But when I use that feature there is sometimes these lighting problems, streaks in the image.

It works better when the camera isn't moving as much though...

...and allows you to catch interesting moments. Like this one, in which Elmo - ever aware of his surroundings during competition - tests the wind direction with his tail before he ponders the next jump.

Safe and sound after a clean round, team Sandy and Elmo finished with a fourth place ribbon!

Cheering makes you tired! The two dorks on the floor of the truck, sleeping like they had just run the cross country course!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sandy on her placing fourth in the event-sure looks like fun!!