Monday, August 24, 2009

I love the river! I think.

Winnie now gets VERY excited when we head down to the river. She runs ahead at full speed, only occasionally looking over her shoulder to make sure I hadn't changed my mind. Then when I reach the bank I find her there, standing, staring at the river but with only her front toes in the water.

I threw the brand new floatable Kong™ toy out in front of her and she stared at it as the current slowly took it downstream. Then she looked at me for the next activity, desperately hoping that I have come up with something more fun than the 'watch the orange thing float away' game. Turns out she very much enjoys the 'come on lets run so we can catch it downstream' game. This spot downstream is where she first learned to swim, so she did comfortably go in the water here and swam around quite a bit, ignoring about sixty honking and splashing geese nearby. We paused to take some pictures while we waited for Kong toy to arrive in the slow current.


Peg said...

did you get the kong???

Ed. said...

Oh yeah, we got it back, it came right to us eventually. But I know now to not throw it unless I've already got her pretty worked up about fetching it on land first!