Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Kind of Summer Heat to Hate!

As you can see from her fashionable denim shorts, Winnie is in heat for the first and last time. But don't let the fun shorts fool you, she is Miserable.

Having never had a dog in heat before, I wasn't sure what to expect. At first, she was just acting a little oddly. Needy with a dash of weird. Then she was licking a lot. "Hey, maybe this is it!," I thought, "This isn't so bad." Then all of the blood in her body rushed to the back third, and she was literally so swollen she couldn't go to the bathroom. The vet said she had never seen it so bad, and poor Winnie was just extremely uncomfortable.

Thank God for Metacam, it seems to be making her quite a bit more comfortable, and we are both anxiously waiting for this episode to be over. I predict she'll be used to the shorts about one day after she doesn't need them anymore, and she's scheduled to be spayed in early September. Should be healed up from that just in time for cool weather fun and some birds!


Rufus said...

Oh dear Winnie! Well I think you look very cute in your daisy duke style shorts!

Laila said...

Oh no, Winnie! Lady-times are not fun at all. I hope yours goes quickly so you can get back to your fun summer!


Anonymous said...

cute panties!! thank goodness this is your one and only "heat" stress with your Miss Winnie!


Anonymous said...

Cassie sympathizes with Winnie...and hey!..I think those are the same shorts!! (she went into a false pregnancy after the last heat, and left milk splotches...) as far as acting weird, it was hard to tell...those close to us think she has "issues" anyway!!!!

Tim said...

Poor Winnie! Hope the worst is over and she's feeling better now :-(