Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water Progress

Winnie's not crazy about water. In fact she doesn't even like to drink it, with the notable new and severely frowned upon (depending on who you ask) habit of drinking out of the toilet. Early on we took her and the other dogs to a lake that was still pretty cold, and nobody was thrilled with the idea of swimming. So I let it go, figured I'd deal with it when it warmed up. We filled a baby pool on a very hot day a month or so ago, and I think the only way she was getting in that would be if I blocked the door to the air conditioned house with it and she had to walk through it to get inside.

So when I brought her down to the river last night I figured I'd do some fishing and she'd just hang out and wander around. But for some reason she was very curious about the water. For the longest time she wanted to sit right in front of me right at the water's edge while I was fishing. And she occasionally tested the water with her front paws. I tossed a stick in the water and she'd get it if it was close enough, but I feel like her curiosity is really piqued now. I wasn't dressed to get in the water but next time I am, I think she will come to me if I'm out there. Or perhaps she'll go in if she sees my neighbor's dogs go in.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted, but I think the curiosity was a positive step toward swimming.

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