Friday, June 19, 2009

MVP - Most Viewed Photo

Almost every day, at least one person gets to this blog because they found this photo in a Google Image search. (Originally from this post.) I can't see what the search terms are, but people all over the world are clicking on this picture!! Which is neat, but I wish I knew how people were getting to it. So if you are coming across this blog because of this photo, please leave a quick comment and let me know what you searched for. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I found her picture by searching cute wirehaired vizsla and she was on the 2nd page of the google images.

Very very cute! But all Vizsla's are cute.

Ed. said...

Thanks very much!!!

Laila said...

Harumph... Winnie should be on the first page since she is *the* cutest wirehaired Vizsla in the world. I mean, look at that face!!!


P.S., my mom says "very cool"!!!