Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deer, Fences, Rivers and Fish.

Been a while since I've reported anything or taken any new pictures, so here's the latest. (Wow she sure is meticulously groomed these days, isn't she?!)

Today Winnie and Gromit were in the yard, Sandy and I were in the barn (which is not in the yard that is fenced for the dogs). Gromit was barking at something, but this is not unprecedented. Then a few minutes later here comes Winnie trotting up to the barn. Hmm, interesting. Seems she climbed and/or jumped at the corner of the yard, either to get to me or she saw the deer that she notices often in the field and went after them. Either way, she wasn't gone long and came back to me, so I'll be keeping a close eye on things until I figure out what action to take.

We then went down the path to the river to do some fishing before dark. I put her little cowbell on her collar so she could wander around down there and I would be able to fish and know by hearing her how far she wanders off. Great plan, but unnecessary. Turns out she jumped right up into the shelter down there and hung out there most of the time, just watching me. A little curious when fish splashed, but generally it's starting to seem that she's not really the outdoorsy type. At least not in the summer. She prefers the air conditioned indoors to the summer heat, but when the river comes down a little lower I'll try to get her interested in swimming.

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