Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Puppy time at Vidor Vizlas!

All six of Leah's pups at Vidor Kennels have been sold, but visit the Vidor web site for some really great breedings coming up later this year! Congrats to Carolyn, these are going to be really beautiful dogs!!


Anonymous said...

That is just the best puppy picture ever. I love just how huge those paws look.

Jena said...

Carolyn sure does breed some wonderful dogs!!! You know I can't wait for the Lenke litter to be born!

Ed. said...

She sure does, Jena and I'm SO excited for you! Next year we can carpool to the Specialty!!

Peg said...

You are so right-she does breed wonderful dogs!

Jena-congrats on a Lenke puppy. Hope to see both you and Ed next year at the Specialty!!