Monday, April 13, 2009

Moved in!

Well we are moved in to our awesome new home! (Minus the internet for now, don't ask...) Here is Winnie breaking in the new yard by trying to get Buck to throw the dummy for her.

The front of the house.

The view from the back deck! It's misleading in the photo, the river is very far down the hill, it looks closer in the picture.

We took the week off to move in and were busy almost the entire time. But I did find some time the other morning to wet a line under the shadow of our own back yard. A dream come true.

This is the basement. There is a door going out to a patio facing the river from here, so this will be a fishing/kayaking staging area, and the tile floors make it a perfect mud room. And there will be mud!

A view of the front porch. (Sorry for the random order of the photos, it's just how they uploaded.) The front yard here we have completely fenced in (with wire behind the paddock fence) and both the front and bedroom doors open onto the porch, very convenient to let the dogs out into a secure yard.

Closer view of Buck and Elmo and the barn.

The living room, featuring Sandy finally getting to put her feet up after a long day. Winnie, Scooter and Gromit (not pictured) were not helpful, of course. But they didn't hinder too much (okay Scooter hindered) and they settled in very quickly to their new home.

This is kind of an office, with built in shelves. It isn't a very big house, I worried about finding a place for the dog crates but I think this solution works fine.

This room is one step down from the dog crate room, and we made this part of the room the office. The view from the desk is the river, which should do a good job of suppressing any thoughts of productivity.

The view from the living room at night is beautiful. I absolutely love this house!


hwvizsla said...

Like I said now live in paradise!!! Congrats to you and Sandy for such a beautiful and PERFECT house for you both.
Its gorgeous!

Ed. said...

Thanks! It's hard to believe. And we've been working so hard at getting settled we still haven't quite relaxed and stepped back to enjoy it. I think we'll grill out tonight if it's nice out and enjoy not unpacking boxes for the first day in over a week!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy for you and Sandy and the "kids".

what a great place.


Jena said...

Congratulations to you, Sandy and all the critters! The house and property are gorgeous! How nice to have the horses right there. Mucking stalls is good for the soul!
Best wishes settling in. Just in time for the big drive to Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Ed.

FlyFishtheRose said...

Ed the place looks great-- love that view. Can't wait to fish the Smallies.