Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet Finn!

Big news this week as we welcome our new boy Finn, who we are thrilled and lucky to be able to adopt. He handled two solid days in the car to get here without a peep, and he's adjusting well to his new home. Winnie and Finn have shown tolerance and respect to each other, and I am confident that friendship will soon follow.

Thank you to friend and photographer Denise for the cool photo above and the one in the new banner at the top of the page. More of her wonderful photos can be seen on her site.

I will soon have many fun photos and stories, but am very busy this week trying to get him settled and me ready to head to Montana for a greatly anticipated vacation starting Saturday! Stay tuned...


Laila said...

Congratulations Ed, Sandy, and Winnie! Welcome to Virginia, Finn. You hit the "V-jackpot"!


P.S., Finn, please report back to tell me whether the river behind your house is as amazing as it is in my dreams.

Eden Photography, LLC said...

Thanks, Ed, for the shout out! I have to give credit where credit is due, though. My Ed took this portrait and my only contribution was making it a little cooler in Photoshop.

Tim said...

Hi Ed and...Wow! I can see we have a lot of catching up to do on the world of Winnie & your new boy Finn - what a fine pair they make togther too - here's to many future adventures that you will all have together!