Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finn Explores his Home Water

We knew Finn liked the water, and had seen him swim in the Shenandoah the day after he arrived. But tonight he took his first trip down the steep hill to his home water, the Potomac River where we all call home.

He of course took to it right away. I err on the side of caution before I let a dog off lead, so he stayed connected to a check cord while he romped. And he's too tall and the river's too low for him to swim, but he enjoyed running around with Winnie.

I couldn't be happier with how Winnie is accepting him, they are really getting along well. And while I know I tend to project more complex thoughts to my dogs than are likely taking place, it looks to me like she's getting just a bit of enjoyment out of showing young Finn the ropes. This is where we walk. That sound means he's home. This way means we're going to swim. Those are deer and trust me, he won't let you chase them. I asked.


Tia said...

They look GREAT together -- what a team.

Ruby & Sophie said...

I've only just caught up with Winnie's blog. MASSIVE congrats on Finn joining you all. We had ruby 2yrs before Sophie joined us, it truly is a joy to have 2 and are great company for each other.

Laila said...

Love it!


hwvizsla said...

Love that last photo of them running in the water!

Tim said...

Great shots! They already look like they've turned into a "team"