Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Okay, by now we all know Winnie is a bit odd.

She sits on the couch backwards and stares at the reflection in the glass behind her.
She sits in the back of the car and faces backwards, watching where we’ve been.
She will stand out in the rain, or lie down in the snow until I make her come inside.
She will not drink water out of a bowl that’s been touched by dog slobber, even if it’s hers.
Yet she will drink water from the bird bath, or from the toilet.
Even if it has that blue water in it.

But this is weird even for her. Sandy was in the closet getting ready for work and Winnie came in to join her. This is unusual and not part of the morning routine. She’s probably only been in that closet once or twice in the year we’ve lived here. Then Sandy and Gromit left the closet but Winnie remained. Just sitting there. Looking around. Long enough for Sandy to go get her phone and take a picture.

I am right square on the fence as to whether this dog has a lot going on in her head, or absolutely nothing going on in her head.

(Sandy: No comment, please.)


Ed. said...

Just to be clear on the photo, there is nobody in the closet. Just Weirdo there.

hwvizsla said...

Oh thats an easy one...theres a LOT going on in that head...a lot.

Jay said...

she's picking out what shoes to wear

Peg said...

Winnie always seemed like the pretty little princess-so what shoes did she choose??

she was also the thinker of the bunch, i loved looking into those deep eyes and wondering if she was sizing me up as an idiot!


Ed. said...

She decided to go barefoot. Couldn't find four that matched.

Andy said...

If you look into any HWV's eyes you can see the wheels turning. Even when they're resting there's plenty of thought going on in their heads!

Ruby & Sophie said...

Aww winnie, don't let anyone say your 'odd', your gorgeous and no different to any other Viz. Our dad says our heads are "full of broken biscuits" ha ha

Beth L said...

Oh but I REALLY want to hear Sandy's comment.